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Our Frequently Asked Questions are here.

To sell on Sokoni as supplier, you need to;

  1. Register a supplier account. Use the form on this page to Join 300+ vendors in sokoni for free. Remember to provide correct information as requested in the registration form.
  2. Upload your products to sokoni depending on your registered category
Take the steps below to post products for sales:
  1. Go to upload a new product.
  2. Enter product info and click 'Submit' for approval.


  • You need to complete your company profile after registration even before your first product post.
  • After submitted, it will be audited in not less than 1 hour, and then will be listed at Sokoni in 1 hours upon approval.

If you want to be a supplier but don't have a company/physical business, it may be unsuitable for you to register as a supplier, since Sokoni is a business-consumer and business-to-business shopping portal, which means suppliers should register as business members. Since you are individual, we advise you register as buyer.
To improve the ranking performance of your products, we recommend you optimize the keywords and add as much relevant information in the product details as possible.